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Savory Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe

stuffed acorn squash

You know that “first sip feeling” with a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning, or with a really good glass of wine? That’s the only way I know how to describe what it’s like taking a bite of this Savory Vegan Stuffed Acorn Squash. The “first bite feeling” is off the charts enjoyable. […]

Roasted Butternut Squash Vegan Pasta Recipe

butternut squash pasta

[social-links] In this week’s edition of the pasta lovers club (that’s gotta be a real thing, right?), we’re making a creamy, dreamy pasta sauce with one of my favorite fall produce staples. Butternut squash! It’s got a funky shape and delicious taste. Plus, would you look at that gorgeous color? This recipe for Vegan Roasted […]

Roasted Vegan Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Kale Recipe

Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Kale

[social-links] Have you ever made a recipe and thought, “Hmmm. This is not what I thought this would look like?” Because that’s what happened with this recipe for Roasted Vegan Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms and Kale. Hah! While it may not be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever created, it tastes absolutely amazing and is […]

Creamy Summer Squash Vegan Soup Recipe

summer squash soup

[social-links] Have you received a CSA box filled with yellow squash and wondered what to do with it? If you haven’t yet, you probably will before summer is over!  Summer squash is popping off the vines this time of year so I decided to make a warm, comforting soup with it. Here’s how to make […]

Roasted Delicata Squash and Pomegranate Vegan Salad Recipe

roasted delicata squash

Let’s talk about squash. Personally, I love it. But I know a lot of people who turn up their noses at butternut, acorn, and even pumpkin. (I have a ton of recipes that utilize these!) If you’re among those who take a hard pass on squash, I’m willing to bet you haven’t tried delicata squash. […]

Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Bruschetta Recipe

butternut squash and pomegranate bruschetta

Thanksgiving is so close I can practically taste it! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had my menu finalized for weeks. I get so excited to make a huge spread of delicious vegan food for my family and friends no matter who is hosting. This year, I’m contributing Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Bruschetta to […]

Vegan Mushroom Risotto Stuffed Acorn Squash Recipe

vegan mushroom risotto

It’s fall, y’all! I’ve been cooking with pumpkin like it’s my job and now I’m giving another one of my fall favorites the attention it deserves. Anyone else obsessed with acorn squash?? It’s adorable and makes a yummy, edible bowl when halved and hollowed out. One acorn squash can easily feed two people, especially when […]

Cheesy Vegan Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe – Quick Weeknight Dinner

cheezy weeknight pasta

I was checking out at the grocery store earlier this week and the cashier asked me if I had anything fun planned for the day. After telling her I was going to experiment with a new recipe, she asked what my favorite thing to cook was. This is always a tricky question for me to […]

Vegan Vegetable Tart Recipe – Heirloom Tomato & Summer Squash

heirloom tomato and summer squash tart

It’s the middle of July and it’s flippin’ hot outside! It seems like the entire country is experiencing a massive heat wave this week. Amidst your efforts to stay cool by cranking the A/C and hitting up the pool, don’t forget about your garden. These steamy temps will leave your fruits, veggies, and herbs begging […]

Vegan Summer Salads & Sides Recipes

Summer Vegan Cold Pasta & Salad Recipes

Vegan Summer Salads & Sides Recipes Summer is in full swing and we’ve spent a lot of time grilling and eating outside on the patio– absorbing the heat and taking in the views! Other than a nice cold drink, nothing combats the heat better than a cold side– whether it be a salad, noodles, or something more […]