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vegan caramelized onion dip

Smoky Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip Recipe

[social-links] Hello, I have a confession: I absolutely adore creamy, savory dip. I’m more of a veggie girl than a ...
tomato basil spaghetti

One-Pot Creamy Tomato Basil Vegan Spaghetti Recipe

[social-links] Let’s talk about chores for a sec, shall we? Doing the dishes ranks as one of my least favorite ...
vegan cheese log

Vegan Cheese Log with Raspberry Jalapeño Jam Recipe

[social-links] I’m sure we’ve all seen cheese logs at the grocery store as we breeze past the dairy section. But ...
sweet potato gnocchi

Sweet Potato Vegan Gnocchi with Veggies Recipe

[social-links] I don’t know about you, but being stuck at home is giving me all kinds of wanderlust. Italy is ...
vegan risotto

Smoky Spring Pea Vegan Risotto

[social-links] I can count the number of times I’ve made risotto on one hand. It’s not that I don’t love ...
vegan everything bagel bombs

Vegan Everything Bagel Bombs Recipe

[social-links] Can I get a heck yeah for bagels? I feel my best with limited grains in my diet but ...
vegan caesar salad

Easy Vegan Caesar Salad Recipe

[social-links] If you know me, you know I love a great salad. I also love whipping up a quick lunch ...
creamy zucchini noodles

Creamy Vegan Zucchini Noodles Recipe with Roasted Tomatoes

[social-links] By this time of year I am so ready to pack up my winter clothes and welcome sunshine and ...
vegan snack board

Eco-Friendly Vegan Snack Board Recipe – Yay!EarthDay

[social-links] Earth Day doesn’t typically get as much media coverage as it has this year. With travel restrictions in place ...
easy vegan manicotti

Easy Vegan Manicotti Recipe

[social-links] Surprise! I’m back with another pasta recipe. I can’t help it - our plant based cheeze spreads pair so ...
skillet flatbread

Vegan Skillet Flatbread Recipe – Arugula, Peas & Crispy Shallots

[social-links] Hey, friends! As I mentioned in my last post I’m super excited that spring has sprung. You’ll be seeing ...
mushroom & thyme vegan tart

Mushroom & Thyme Vegan Tart Recipe

[social-links] There’s something about the flavor combination of mushroom and thyme that makes me think of Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the ...