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Tiffany Perkins

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Tiffany Perkins started Plant Perks in 2017 after a decade of thriving on a plant based, organic lifestyle. She wanted to find a way to combine her deep passion for healthy living, ​with her desire ​to save as many animals as possible.

In search of further enlightenment, Tiffany traveled to Thailand to attend the sought after Matthew Kenney Culinary School. She graduated as a certified, raw, vegan chef and then dove head first into completing another certification in holistic, culinary nutrition.

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Tiffany Perkins Portrait

Tiffany’s goal is to use her extensive knowledge and first hand experiences to help others realize the extreme healing powers that a compassionate, vegan lifestyle has on the mind, body and soul.
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Tiffany Perkins
CEO, Founder, & Chef

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