Plant Perks


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Plant Perks specializes in cashew-based non-dairy cheezes and dips! Our plant-based vegan cheese spreads and dips are created from only the healthiest of ingredients that are all natural, sustainable, and good for you.

The cashews we use are from a small, fair-trade farmsโ€“ which ensures the farmers are receiving fair wages and comfortable living situations.

We ferment our cashew cheezes and dips, and add probiotics for better gut health. The addition of MCT Oil offers many health benefits and provides a healthy source of fats that your body flourishes off of. (Ps. We are the only vegan cheeze and dip on the market to utilize MCT Oil.)

Our vegan dips and cheeze substitutes are also Certified Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Keto, and Paleoโ€“ so nearly everyone can enjoy the perks of digging into a container of Plant Perks vegan,ย cashew-based, non-dairy cheezes and dips!

Good for you. Better for all. Order Plant Perks online today to have it delivered right to your door!