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A Look Back & A Tasty Year Ahead !

Hi, Plant Perks Fam & Happy New Year

Plant Perks Products Colorful Background

2021 was an AMAZING YEAR for us!

1. We tripled the number of stores we’re sold in to over 1,000 retail locations in 45 states!

2. We landed some big store partnerships like Whole Foods Market, Albertsons, Wegmans, Hannaford, Roche Brothers, EREWHON, Publix and Central Market, just to name a few.

3. We broke ground on our second production facility here in Missoula, Montana and are super grateful that we get to continue to produce our Plant-Based products in this beautiful, hippie, mountain town!
I swear there’s just something about this mountain water and air that makes our products extra magical.

Plant Perks Vegan Cream Cheeze and Sour Cream

2022 is going to be our BIGGEST & BEST YEAR yet!

1. We’re launching three Plant-Based Cream Cheezes in Plain, Garden Veggie and Everything flavors.

2. We’re releasing a Plant-Based Sour Cream, made with only 4 ingredients!

3. We’re also releasing packaging upgrades in April that will include more product in every Spreads container, as well as no more hand stickered cups. They will be printed on instead and look even more elevated than they currently do!

4. In the ongoing quest to make the cleanest products ever for you all, we’re removing the MCT Oil from our Spreads and Dips and come April, everything will be oil free!

5. I’m in the the final R&D stages of our Plant-Based Butter, which is made of only 5 ingredients and will totally blow your mind!

6. We have a wide variety of Plant Perks swag that will be shop-able on our website starting next month! Everything looks as good as all of our products taste and I can’t wait to see all of your swag selfies!

xo, Tiffany Perkins
Founder, Chef & CEO of Plant Perks