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The Facts: Is Vegan Cheese Healthy & What Is It Made From?

The Facts: Is Vegan Cheese Healthy & What Is It Made From?

Many people believe that if something is vegan it is automatically healthy; unfortunately, that’s not the case. Many plant-based products, including vegan cheese, can be made with processed and/or artificial ingredients. However, there is hope. If you are wondering, is vegan cheese healthy, then we are pleased to inform you that yes– there are some great healthy options!

Plant Perks vegan cheeses have an average of 14% LESS saturated fat than their dairy counterparts, as well as ZERO cholesterol!

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What Is Healthy Vegan Cheese Made Of?


There may be multiple answers to that question if you’re looking at all available products in the marketplace– but in our case, cashews are what we make our vegan cheese with (along with natural and organic ingredients).
After years of trying a little of this and a little of that, we found the perfect process! Our method allow us to deliver an equally as satisfying texture and flavor profile as dairy, which many people have grown to adore throughout their lifetime! It’s amazing what plants can do when handled properly.

Dairy Cheese vs. Plant Perks Cashew Cheeze

When you compare Plant Perks’ Plant-Based Cashew Cheeze to its dairy counterparts, it becomes very evident that the answer to the question “Is vegan cheese healthy?” is YES! Not only is vegan cheese much more healthy for animals– as it doesn’t require an animal hooked up to machine to produce– our cheeses benefit from lower saturated fat, zero cholesterol, and more.

Dairy Info Is Black | Plant Perks Info Is Green

Smoked Provolone
Cal.Sat. FatCholest.Sodium
100 (5%)4.8g (24%)20mg (7%)248mg (10%)
120 (6%)2g (10%)0mg (0%)140mg (6%)

Smoked Gouda
101 (5%)5g (25%)32mg (11%)232mg (10%)
120 (6%)2g (10%)0mg (0%)105mg (5%)

Garlic & Herb
83 (4%)4.7g (24%)23mg (8%)72mg (3%)
120 (6%)2g (10%)0mg (0%)105mg (5%)

Sriracha Cheddar
70 (3%)4g (20%)25mg (8%)60mg (3%)
120 (6%)2g (10%)0mg (0%)150mg (7%)

Dill Havarti
104 (5%)5.3g (27%)26mg (9%)157mg (7%)
120 (6%)2g (10%)0mg (0%)105mg (5%)

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
**Dairy cheese nutrition values gathered from nutritionix.com

While Plant Perks vegan cheese does have slightly more calories per serving, the flavors are much more bold so you typically do not need to use as much as you would for dairy cheese to have the same experience. Being that we use MCT Oil, the extra calories come from forms of healthy fats, not processed ingredients or long-chain fatty acids (bad fats). Most importantly, our vegan cheeses have an average of 14% LESS saturated fat than their dairy counterparts, as well as ZERO cholesterol! Saturated fat and cholesterol play very large roles when it comes to heart disease and stroke. Minimizing their intake can help prevent many health issues.

mct oil with coconut on a table

Healthy Fats Make For Healthy Vegan Cheese

Cue the MCT Oil

Not all fats are bad for you, which is why you may have seen those cartoons of an avocado saying “I’m the good kind of fat!” Your body needs fat to function properly, but not all fat is equal.

In short: 
Medium-chain fatty acids = Good Fat
Long-chain fatty acids = Bad Fat

Medium-chain fatty acids, such as MCT Oil, are transformed almost exclusively into energy through the digestive process.

Long-chain fatty acids result in minimal energy creation; rather, they become body fat.

MCT oil is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides (fatty acids), which has helped it surge in popularity over the last decade. MCT Oil is believed to have many positive effects on the human body– from increased brain function to a metabolism booster for weight loss and management.

Plant Perks

• uses MCT Oil in ALL of our vegan cheese products

• is the ONLY vegan cheese on the market that utilizes MCT Oil

The Main Difference Between Medium & Long-Chain Fats

Science puts it this way:

“Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats with an unusual chemical structure that allows the body to digest them easily. Most fats are broken down in the intestine and remade into a special form that can be transported in the blood. But MCTs are absorbed intact and taken to the liver, where they are used directly for energy. In this sense, they are processed very similarly to carbohydrates.” – New York University Langone Medical Center

Bad fats (long-chain) go through a very intensive process in order to break down enough to even think about being absorbed. Once they finally make their way to the intestine, they must be further broken down through various bodily methods before entering the bloodstream so they can move to the next step. The bloodstream delivers it to the liver, where it can be transformed into whatever energy can be squeezed out of it. This long process is not super efficient, which is why too much of this type of fat can cause weight gain and various health issues.
Good fats (medium-chain) are processed much differently– particularly when in the form of MCT Oil. This type of fat is easily digested by the body. This means that they move quickly to your intestine and are then directly absorbed into your bloodstream– no extensive transformation processes needed. They quickly end up in your liver, which processes them into energy with ease. This means that they typically won’t cause weight gain! Whoa.
Plant Perks Vegan Cheese Attributes

We fit
many restricted

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Turn Your Guilty Pleasures Into Healthy Pleasures

Not only do Plant Perks Vegan Cheeze Spreads make for phenomenal sandwich and cracker toppers, but they fit right at home in many of your favorite recipes. Whether you are looking to make a creamy pasta sauce or a healthier version of Crab Rangoon, our dairy cheese alternative allows you to lead a healthier lifestyle while also being able to indulge. We make it even easier by testing and creating recipes in our own kitchen to share with you on a weekly basis!

View Our Vegan Recipes

Plant Perks Vegan Cheese Is For Everyone

You don’t need to follow a plant-based diet or have other dietary restrictions to incorporate Plant Perks cashew cheese into your meals or snacks. We have fans on both ends of the dietary spectrum that keep coming back solely based on flavor and texture! If you’ve been searching for something that can help you cut or minimize the dairy in your life, for whatever reason you may have, Plant Perks is the healthy vegan cheese that will make you miss nothing about the moo.


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