creamy vegan polenta

Creamy Vegan Polenta Recipe with Herb Roasted Mushrooms

What’s creamy and hearty and comforting and warm? It’s not soup, it’s not pasta - it’s polenta! Polenta is finely ...
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vegan holiday cheese board

Vegan Holiday Cheese Board Recipe

Who would have imagined in their wildest dreams that this holiday season would look so different from last year? December ...
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vegan BLT

Ultimate Vegan BLT Recipe

Let’s talk about faux meats. It seems like many vegans either love them or are totally against them. I’m somewhere ...
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vegan green bean casserole

Vegan Green Bean Casserole Recipe

When I say “casserole,” what comes to mind? Something mushy and loaded with dairy and possibly from an old Betty ...
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vegan pumpkin vodka sauce

Rigatoni with Vegan Pumpkin Vodka Sauce Recipe

What’s saucy and smoky and perfectly themed to Thanksgiving week? Rigatoni with Vegan Pumpkin Vodka Sauce! Get ready for some ...
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autumn vegan cheese board

Autumn Vegan Cheese Board Recipe

There are so many ways to enjoy our plant-based cheeze spreads (we have loads of vegan recipes on our website!) ...
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vegan pumpkin fondue

Cheesy Vegan Pumpkin Fondue Recipe

Let’s make some fondue! Vegan fondue, that is. Cheese totally isn’t necessary to make warm, creamy fondue perfect for a ...
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mummy carrot dogs

Vegan Halloween Mummy Carrot Dogs Recipe

Happy Halloween week!! Halloween may look a little bit different for some of us this year but by gosh we’re ...
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vegan baked cauliflower

Cheesy Vegan Baked Cauliflower Recipe

Isn’t it funny how as summer turns to fall, people all of a sudden want their veggies covered in cheese? ...
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smoky vegan beer cheese dip

Smoky Vegan Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

It’s not a secret that beer and cheese are a dynamic flavor combination. Search Pinterest for “Beer Cheese Dip” and ...
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tomato gazpacho

Smoky Tomato & Cucumber Vegan Gazpacho Recipe

Have you heard of gazpacho? It’s a cold tomato soup in Spanish cuisine, specifically of Andalusia (you can read more ...
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summer squash soup

Creamy Summer Squash Vegan Soup Recipe

Have you received a CSA box filled with yellow squash and wondered what to do with it? If you haven’t ...
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