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Interview By Tim Forrest Consulting


Our Founder, CEO, & Chef, Tiffany Perkins, had the pleasure of joining Tim Forrest via video call to share her struggles and triumphs of building a vegan food business over the last few years. Listen to find out the origins of the company and where we’re going!

Tim is a visionary when it comes to marketing & sales in the food industry. Personally, we were able to utilize his “9 Pillars of Big Brand Success” to revamp our marketing and presentation strategy in a way that has helped us spread our products across the country and into your hands.

Tim Forrestโ€“
Listen to how the Founder of Plant Perks, Tiffany Perkins grew her vegan specialty food business from a few locations to almost 600 stores in a matter of months. She shares how Plant Perks exploded sales and locations with Tim’s 9 Pillars at a recent ECRM event. Her focus on demo’s, food brokers, inside sales and cold calling is part of the journey to becoming a national brand by 2022. Other lessons include working with family and the importance of Range Me for her business.


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