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Whether you were born here or not– if you live in Missoula you probably have somewhat of an affection for things produced in this town and Montana as a whole. There is something genuinely exciting about discovering a new product that you connect with, but when you find out that it is made right down the street from you, that connection grows stronger and a little sense of pride is instilled inside of you. At least, that’s how we feel when we stumble across amazing locally produced products.

Our vegan, plant-based cheeze production facility is located in the space previously occupied by the Missoula Community Food Co-op, connected to Burns St. Bistro. With a foundation built upon passion and compassion, we have grown from humble beginnings of working the Clark Fork Farmers Market with help from family– to further expanding our team with equally passionate Missoulians, distributing our products across the country, while also holding true to our roots of being a family-managed business.

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