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10 Incredible Vegan Christmas Recipes

10 Vegan Christmas Recipes v3

The holidays can be a magical time for many– we’re fortunate to find ourselves in that group of people. Living in Montana, snow topped mountains are a typical sign that the season is near. At this very moment, large snowflakes are gracefully filling the sky– making this article seem evermore fitting! This year I am looking forward to spending more time getting creative in the kitchen to make delicious Vegan Christmas Recipes to indulge in throughout the day!

This Christmas will be more intimate for us. We traditionally find our home filled with extended family from both sides that we entertain and Christmas morning returns to the somewhat chaotic state (in a good way) of cooking a large breakfast for everyone before taking turns opening presents. This year, I am going to have the main Christmas celebration with just my fiancé, and our two small children. Not that life is ever technically slow with two young kids, but this structure will allow for a much more laidback day.

As I sit here on a Monday planning out my Christmas menu, the week before the holiday, I wanted to share with you some of my all-time favorite Vegan Christmas Recipes!

This Garlic & Herb Vegan Christmas Tree Bread is easily one of the favorites of the season! Who doesn’t love garlic-y bread?

Perhaps the reason it’s so satisfying is because I use pizza dough as the base! Mix in some garlic, herbs, vegan butter, & our Garlic & Herb Cheeze Spread to turn the dough into a flavor bomb. Finally, serve them with warm marinara for a festive take on breadsticks!

Prepare yourself for this addictive holiday appetizer. 

This Savory Vegan Christmas Cheese Ball Wreath is one of the most festive looking Christmas recipes on this list! As expected, it’s SUPER cheezy and equally savory.

The recipe is super easy– the base is made up of just soaked & blended cashews, our Garlic & Herb Cheeze Spread and topped off with a handful of herbs & seasoning.

It’s going to be the talk of all your holiday parties this season!

Okay, let me clarify that– yes, these are crescent rolls, but they sort of resemble croissants. Right?

These flaky, savory, delicious rolls are absolutely perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning! With the kids energy levels through the roof before we open presents, I typically don’t have time to make the rolls from scratch, so you can feel free to buy one of those “pop” tubes from the market.

The combination of the savory rolls is balanced out by the fresh vegetables & our Dill Havarti Cheeze Spread.

This Cranberry Jalapeño Dip is super quick to whip together and makes for an irresistible holiday snack!

This vegan holiday dip perfectly balances sweet and spicy. The base is made from our super creamy Smoked Gouda Cheeze Spread. It’s smoky with a buttery finish and is mouthwateringly good. It’s then topped with homemade cranberry salsa, made from: fresh cranberries, jalapeño, orange zest and orange juice, maple syrup, and salt.

This Vegan Christmas Recipe is equally beautiful and delicious!

The cheese ball is a staple at Christmas, at least it was for us growing up. I really wanted to give a nod to tradition by making something that is Vegan and a whole lot healthier than its dairy counterpart! Introducing, my Cranberry Pistachio Vegan Cheese Ball Recipe.

This recipe requires preparation a day in a advanced, as it needs to be refrigerated overnight in order for it remain scoop-able, yet rigid enough to not collapse.

Pistachios & our Smoked Gouda Cheeze Spread are heavenly!

All I can focus on right now is the idea of sitting at my dinner table and shoveling these vegan-friendly, creamy, garlic & herb mashed potatoes into my mouth!

Whoever said you need milk and butter to make creamy mashed potatoes clearly hasn’t made them with our Garlic & Herb Cheeze Spread. It lends such fantastic flavor and texture! Combined with a bit of non-dairy milk and vegan butter, I don’t think anyone at your 

It can be tricky to make brown hors d’oeuvres look appetizing but if you can get past their looks, these vegan stuffed mushrooms with vegan coconut bacon are little flavor bombs. I couldn’t stop eating them as I was taking photos!

This incredibly delicious plant-based version of stuffed-mushrooms utilizes our Smoked Gouda Cheeze Spread and is smoky, savory, and a little bit crunchy. They’ve received praise from my non-Vegan friends & family, as well. I am officially obsessed!

As you watch movies by the fire, prepare dinner, or even unwrap presents– why not make a vegan holiday cheese board to munch on?

This beautiful snack board serves four people easily, making it perfect for grazing while you focus on other Christmas activities!

My go-to is our Smoked Gouda Cheeze Spread, but you can tailor the flavors to your liking. Also, this is super easy to put together with whatever you already have around your home if you don’t feel like making an extra trip to a chaotic store!

Typically monkey bread (aka pull apart bread) is sweet– like cinnamon rolls – but I decided to make a savory appetizer version of this yummy dessert using our Garlic & Herb Cheeze Spread.

If you don’t have time to whip up biscuits from scratch, you can use Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Biscuits! They’re one of those accidentally Vegan products.

Holy moly, this stuff is amazing and very easy to make!

I wouldn’t have felt right without rounding out the Vegan Christmas Recipes list without some sort of salad that would serve perfectly as a side dish!

I came up with a delicious, and very simple, warm winter veggie vegan pasta salad recipe, utilizing our Smoked Gouda Cheeze Spread, that will satisfy your needs for comforting cuisine all season long.

I knew that I wanted to roast the vegetables because I love the way it caramelizes my favorite veggies and intensifies the flavors. Plus, it warms up my kitchen and makes the whole house smell delish!