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Vegan Summer Salads & Sides Recipes

Summer Vegan Cold Pasta & Salad Recipes

Vegan Summer Salads & Sides Recipes Summer is in full swing and we’ve spent a lot of time grilling and eating outside on the patio– absorbing the heat and taking in the views! Other than a nice cold drink, nothing combats the heat better than a cold side– whether it be a salad, noodles, or something more […]

Hearty Vegan Taco Salad Recipe

When you’re in a lunch rut, sometimes you need something spicy to dig yourself out. May I suggest this Hearty Vegan Taco Salad Recipe? It’s fresh, crunchy, and satisfying all at once. If I can be so bold, this might be one of the best taco salads I’ve ever eaten – period. If you’re ready […]

Vegan Baked Potato Soup Recipe

Vegan Baked Potato Soup with container of Plant Perks Vegan Sour Cream

Is there anything more comforting than a warm baked potato on a cold day? I turned the best cold weather comfort food into a smooth and creamy soup topped with a big dollop of Plant Perks Vegan Sour Cream. Maple chipotle roasted chickpeas offer so much extra flavor and fun texture to this savory vegan […]

Buffalo Blue Vegan Nachos Recipe

vegan nachos with buffalo blue vegan dip

Mmmmm vegan nachos. Technically this Buffalo Blue Vegan Nachos Recipe serves four, but put the plate in front of me and I will happily inhale the entire thing by myself. What makes these nachos so freakin’ good? I mixed a package of Plant Perks Buffalo Blue Dip with my favorite hot sauce and warmed it […]

Crispy Potato Wedges Recipe with Vegan Buffalo Blue Dip

Have you hopped on the air fryer trend? I have to admit, I was skeptical. Why get another appliance that takes up space on the countertop? I’ll tell you why – the air fryer is everything people say it is. There’s a good reason it’s huge on TikTok ! You can cook veggies, make kale chips, […]

French Onion Vegan Pizza Recipe with Mushrooms & Thyme

If your family tends to play it safe on pizza night, I’m here to shake up your dinner routine with this Vegan French Onion Pizza Recipe with Mushrooms and Thyme. The flavors are familiar, but just different enough to earn a spot on your “must make again” list. The biggest shocker? You won’t find any […]

Vegan French Onion Rigatoni Recipe

Spring is about to sprung here in Montana, so I’m craving hearty and warm pasta dishes before the temps stay warm. One thing I love about our Plant Perks French Onion Dip is that it’s so versatile. Of course, it’s absolutely delicious as a dip for salty potato chips and fresh veggies, but it also […]

10 Incredible Vegan Christmas Recipes

10 Vegan Christmas Recipes v3

10 Incredible Vegan Christmas Recipes The holidays can be a magical time for many– we’re fortunate to find ourselves in that group of people. Living in Montana, snow topped mountains are a typical sign that the season is near. At this very moment, large snowflakes are gracefully filling the sky– making this article seem evermore […]

Deliciously Fun Vegan Halloween Recipes

The leaves are falling, the temperatures are dipping, and these Vegan Halloween Recipes are precisely what you need to add some comfort to this spookily chilling holiday! Last year, 2020, my family missed out on trick or treating (as did many), but these recipes allowed us to feel festive at home! (Of course, the kids still ate […]

Creamy Cucumber Vegan Noodle Salad Recipe

cucumber noodle salad

[social-links] The humble cucumber gets a lot of use in my kitchen. It’s great for adding flavor to water, making green juice, dipping in hummus, tossing in salads, and adding crunch to sandwiches. Lately I’ve been turning cucumbers into “noodles” for a fun texture variation. It couldn’t be easier and totally satisfies my desire to […]